5 Fashion Must Haves For Summer 09

Cool summer is on its way. This means that you’ll ones again wear bathing suits, tank tops and sleeveless dresses. Fat arms are just getting on our way. We all have the right to bare arms. For best results, a good diet plan and right workout is needed.

It is generally not a good idea to run out and buy new shoes either. Often, the shoes are stiff and will cause blisters or sores until fully broken in. There are exceptions to this rule, such as shoes like Crocs which are generally easy on feet from the get-go.

Of course the barbecue isn’t complete without backyard games like badminton or croquet. Some people even have basketball courts in their backyards. And no 4th of July birthday bash is complete without the pool. People who don’t wear Pirate Bathing Suits 364 days of the year can be seen sporting their flimsiest one at these parties.

A little creativity with Pirate Swimsuit hair-dye can be taken too far as seen in the trend of two-tone hair. Often the fashion victims would sport bleach blond hair over a base layer of dark hair, as if they couldn’t afford the whole bottle of bleach.

What kinds of “warts” does your character have? (Warts are something that distinguishes one character from another.) It can be a limp, a real wart on the nose, a person’s bald head, lots of make-up, strange clothing, an emotional disturbance, or anything else you decide upon. These warts help the reader keep the characters straight in their mind.

Be polite to the officer. When you are pulled over, the officer is probably just as anxious about the situation as you are. Until the officer approaches the vehicle, he has never met you before. So he doesn’t know if you present a danger to him or not. Even if you were not speeding and you know in your heart that the officer is mistaken, you must treat the officer with respect. The police officer will definitely remember you when it comes time for your court appearance if you treated him like a jerk at the time of your traffic stop.

If you have any doubts about your golf outfit I would also suggest calling the golf course before the round to inquire about their dress policy. Also note that golf companies like Nike, Callaway and Taylor Made all have clothing lines for men and women at affordable prices.