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#1: Use glass whenever possible! Storing your food in glass is an eco-friendly and healthier alternative to plastic. Plastics contain harmful chemicals which leach into our bodies, our water supplies, and the soil. There are huge islands of plastic floating around both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, composed of plastics, chemical sludge, and other debris has grown to be twice the size of Texas!

Cotton bags have another useful quality and that is advertisement. There are many options nowadays to use the cotton bag as a walking advertisement. It is possible to print various logos and designs on the bag. It is basically the same concept done on cotton T-shirts. Along with cotton, canvas is also used to make bags and they can be done with various styles of prints. Canvas like cotton is also made from a biodegradable product, known as hemp. The interesting thing is that both of these products have been used to make accessories for some time now, but faded away for a while due to plastics and papers popularity.

Backpacks with a separate lower compartment are great for keeping your sleeping bag, and kip mat etc, again just for the ease of locating them, this way you know exactly where everything is at any time.Do not forget to keep everything dry, either with a waterproof liner or in individual anti static plastic bags.

I use other bucket to mix and carry soil. I did not buy any soil this year. Instead, I’m reaping the rewards of composting and caring for my worms-red wigglers and nightcrawling earthworms. In a plastic bucket, I mix old potting soil, some rich soil from my shade bed, and a scoop of fresh compost. The size is perfect: I don’t want to tote more weight that a five-gallon bucket of planting medium.

First and foremost my family – girls and grandkids. I am also very inspired by the hope that my life can make a big difference in other women’s lives.

Tip 2; Swifter Dusters are convenient, but too expensive. Again, like paper towels, one and they’re done. A light wet cloth will work just as well. Just make sure your cloth isn’t too wet.

Understand the enemy: Paper wasps are small, striped wasps that create paper nests in places shielded from the weather. They have distinct brown wings and are nonaggressive unless their nests are threatened. Their nests begin as small honeycombs suspended from a thin thread. The nests are often made of the wood from your deck or home. A week after the queen inserts larvae into the nest, the wasps emerge fully formed to help her build the rest of the nest. When it is completed, the nest looks like an umbrella. Nests are not reused from year to year.

Optional Items – To alleviate your child’s fears and insecurities of being away from home, you can have them take along some miscellaneous items. One good example is a laminated family photo which you can stow in a secret pocket in their back pack. You can also slip them cute notes and drawings. Another way is by preparing their favorite foods for lunch or snack time. You can also take them to the toy store and buy them a cute key chain or charm which they can attach to the zipper of their backpack. Most schools, however, do not recommend that you have your child bring their favorite toy to prevent its getting lost.