Are You Still Writing Your Novel But Want To Get Started Promoting It Online?

If you have been staring at a blank screen, with the next American best seller right there on the tip of your fingers and yet you cannot figure out how to bring it out, you might have writers block. Do not panic, all writers experience writers block at some point in their careers and most writers experience it frequently. Try any or all of these top ten tips for pushing past writers block and figure out the best way to get your novel done.

Make sure to draw an outline of the mystery novel you want to write about. Having an outline helps you maintain your focus and keeps you updated with all the information that comes in your story.

Now that you know your genre, it’s time to choose your Lead. Decide on their name, age, and gender. That’s enough to get started and give you a feel for who they are. Make sure that your Lead matches the general tendencies within your chosen genre: i.e. young adult fiction typically has a young adult as the Lead character and that’s what readers will expect.

That means a 60,000 word remarried empress chapter 1 will require 6,000 words a month, or 300 words a day, and an 80,000 word novel should take 8,000 words a month, or 400 words a day. That’s if you plan to write 5 days a week. It would be like writing a short article a day and is fairly easy to do if you set aside a short period of time just for writing each day.

If you get stuck or stop producing, try working with some other writers. This gives you people to talk with about the process of writing. Many non-writers don’t understand that you can’t just make the ideas come, and don’t get why it should be hard to produce. Other writers get this. They will also be able to help you develop and hone ideas.

You better be very precise and good at your work. The manuscript you are sending should be good and polished. You must recheck your work, and be sure that everything is complete and good.

The vast majority of novels are written as a collaboration. That is, most authors work with a team of writers to write a good novel. Sometimes the credited author created the story premise and other times he or she learned about the idea from another writer who sold the idea that would later be developed into a novel. Some novelists have a rough draft and need to hire a ghostwriter to expand, edit, and improve the novel.