Black Mold Removal – Removing Black Mold The Natural Way

While woodturning is one of the safest activities in the home workshop, it still uses power tools and sharp implements. Safety precautions should be taken to make a safe activity even safer. There are a few pieces of safety equipment that woodturners should own and use.

Be sure to scrape and sand off any loose paint chips and fully clean area before applying paint or primer don’t forget to put down a plastic tarp to catch Face respirator all the debris being scrapped off the wall).

Ear Covers or earmuffs are devices that cover the entire ear and look very similar to headphones. Ear covers will reduce the damaging noise better that the plugs, but since they fit tightly over your ears they can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear over a period of time.

While a pair of safety goggles or glasses may protect the eyes, a full face mask does much better job of protection. Turning masks are available inexpensively from most woodturning suppliers. They will come in a variety of forms but most will have an adjustable head band which holds the mask at three points. Masks will be either clear plastic or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a must for good protection.

Air ducts cannot be cleaned without tools! So, you will need a ladder, screwdriver (look at duct vents to determine), flashlight, wet/dry vacuum with long hose and soft bristle attachment. Also, you need to wear rubber gloves and face mask (respirator) for safety. You do not want to breathe the contaminants from your air ducts. Once you have the proper cleaning equipment then you must examine the ducts for contamination. First, run your finger along the inside of the ducts. If you see dust on your finger then your ducts are dirty. So, proper tools, training and contamination severity are the first thing you need to determine. Once this is complete you can move forward to the cleaning process.

Another item that I have found invaluable is a hypodermic needle. It’s a needle that is normally used with a syringe for intravenous injections. It is extremely useful to have one of these on-hand to fix any problems with quad flat pack bent pins, in case you have a little accident and drop or bump your chip.

A wood lathe spins wood at high speed while woodturners stand in front of it. While the wood is supposedly held firmly in place, accidents happen and the wood can fly off the lathe. Unseen cracks and defects in the wood may react to a catch with a tool or merely with the centrifugal force of the turning and fly toward the woodturner’s face. For this reason a face mask should be worn.

Carpets, upholstery and other porous items are harder to clean. You will need to clean them, disinfect them, and then wait for them to totally dry. If you see any re-growth of mold, you will either have to throw that item away or get a mold removal professional.