Cheap Cruises – 4 Tips To Help You Save On Your Next Cruise

Did you spend lots of money in your last cruise vacation? If you did so then it was your bad luck but here are some ideas through which you can save lots of money in your next cruise vacation. There are a lot of cruise discounts which offered by cruise travel agencies or cruise lines. However lots of people do not responsive to such offers and discounts which can facilitate you to save a lot of money.

Today’s modern ocean-going ship has it all: rock-climbing walls, ice skating, up to 20 different dining venues for your enjoyment [most at an extra fee], and gorgeous accommodations with nice amenities – did we mention you now pay for the movies you watch in your cabin. Ocean ships are now more like a Vegas-style vacation than a cruise, but our main objection is… what ever happened to the all-inclusive nature of a cruise? It is dead and buried!

As mentioned before, it’s easy enough to have a relaxing cruise vacation without having to leave the ship throughout the duration of the voyage. But check the brochures again — there may be some shore excursions you won’t want to miss.

charter boat cruise Tip #6 – If you like to partake in alcoholic beverages, pack your own booze! Bringing your own alcohol may be discouraged, but most Carnival cruises will allow you to bring it aboard. Prices on the ship are drastically inflated, not to mention the gratuity fee we already discussed being added, and the liquor you buy at duty free must be set aside till the trip is over. That being said, if you plan to drink, you should take advantage of whatever allowance you can bring on board. Free drinks are sometimes handed out at events like the captain’s welcoming reception or the cruiser’s return party. Make sure you know when these events are and make good use of them. Also, if you do drink at meals, you can avoid the corkage fee by ordering room service or bringing the food back to your room.

Book Guaranteed Rooms – When booking your trip, cruise lines sometimes offer what are called “guaranteed rooms”. Basically that means, at minimum, you are guaranteed that category room, but are willing to wait for your cabin assignment. In many cases, this may mean you will receive a free upgrade. We’ve had great success getting upgrades.

Celebrity is one of our favorite cruise lines. It’s a bit more elegant. They are still family-friendly, but also cater to couples and a mature crowd. You will find that both the food and service are a notch higher than most other cruise lines. They operate eleven cruise ships around the world.

Working with a reliable cruise agent will also make it easier if you want to make changes to your plans like adding some features are changing to a cruise and stay style holiday. A good online cruise agency will also supply you with a number to call in case of emergencies so they can help you with any difficulties that may arise while you are traveling.