Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

So you are dreaming to be, or you already are, a wedding photographer? Well, covering a wedding is no joke and being a hired as a wedding photographer is such a tough, tough job. Being always on the run carrying loads of heavy lenses and camera bodies is truly a stressful endeavor. What’s that you ask? How can you be a better photographer? Here are 10 tips for wedding photographers.

Keep accurate record of what you are spending compared to what you are bringing in, in profits. This is the down fall of many new photographers online companies. It is especially easy with pay per click advertising to pay more for advertising than you make in sales. So if you are selling a product for $30.00 and your paying $0.50 per click and your selling ratio is 1:60 (1 sale out of 60 people), you are not making any money. This campaign would be a total waste of your time, so keep accurate records of everything and know your expenses.

Reliability. True professional wedding photographers will have spent many years building up their reputation. Do you think they would let all that labour go to waste by being unreliable? Of course not. For a wedding photographer their number one priority should be to ensure they arrive on time. Having a fully documented “system” helps ensure that timings are known, and all photographic systems double checked. Once your memories have been captured they should be safely stored on different media, in different locations. Before booking ask your photographer when was their first wedding? How many have they photographed since then? What plans do they have in place in case of illness or transport breakdown? Finally, what do they do to ensure the safety of your images once they have been taken?

To find them, just enter something like “article submission” in your search engine of choice. If they start asking you to pay…. pass on them and keep looking. Just be sure to include a link to your website with every submission.

Reviews online – Most wedding Ronald Reagan Building DC meeting photographers post their previous work and advertisements online. Find the time to look at their websites and read the comments and reviews that have been written by previous clients.

Shoot outside. Lighting a large group can be very difficult so I would recommend outside. Find a nice shady spot and use a little fill in flash. It the light is low outside a tripod can do wonders with low light and pop a little flash into the image to sharpen up the subjects. Also in low light situations try to avoid longer lenses because they can extenuate camera shake.

My point is… we photographers are so lucky to be invited in these individuals lives! We are trusted to capture those fleeting moments for our clients. Moments that pass all too quickly. But if we stay true to ourselves and the reasons we got into photography in the first place – we will be able to provide our clients with images that reflect each precious little detail and the emotions felt in that instant in their lives.