Differences Between Horse Riding Saddles (Part 1)

The seat is considered the most important aid for the horse rider. It is the hardest body part to control as a horse rider. This is because it is part of the pelvis which is attached to the spine. It is not a mobile body part and it is not usually under voluntary control. By this I mean it follows the lower back or the legs. When we sit down we don’t actually think tilt our pelvis it happens automatically but we do think bend our knees to sit. The opposite when we stand we straighten our legs and our lower back and pelvis follow.

The upper back and shoulder posture will improve if core stability is applied to the riding posture. The headache on neck posture will then adjust to an ideal position and the nerve pressure in the upper neck joints can be eased and then headaches will reduce and most likely cease if treated with physiotherapy well.

Why do you need to have a goal? What is the reason you are riding for? Is it to compete or win at a certain event, to be able to enjoy riding out in the forest or to gain partnership with your horse. Your ultimate goal will determine the style of riding precision and technique that you need to adopt. Any approaches to training then can be quite different and be customised to suit your aims. So, first of all you need to know what your goal is. But even if you don’t, a good trainer should be able to bring out your dream.

Insect Repellent. highbeechridingschool.co.uk will bring you to some of the most secluded locations that are only accessible on horses. Apply insect repellent on your clothing to ward off mosquito and tick bites that may ruin your experience.

Check your own clothing, don’t even try to go out riding without the proper helmet, or equipment. And check the good state of these as well, because a cracking helmet won’t be of help if you were to fall.

When you are first starting to ride you can tend to bounce like a ball on and off of the saddle, so falling off is quiet natural. If you get on a horse for the first time in an open field and lose your balance, a horse can respond in various ways.

I certainly recommend horse riding as part of any weight loss program as long as a person is already a rider. I recommend learning to ride before taking it up as a weight loss exercise program. Applied Posture Riding can teach you the skills in conjunction with a riding instructor.

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