Feng Shui Annual Flying Stars For 2010

Whether it is in their offices or their homes, very often many people place their Bamboo Feng Shui plants at the wrong places. Unknown to them, not only could they have downgraded their own Feng Shui “Qi” status instantly because of this, they could have also killed their lovely Bamboo Feng Shui plants which suppose to be there to help enhance their Feng Shui in the first place.

Consider the pathways you create inside your home, as well. Your chi should not have a straight shot from the front door out the back; you must provide a winding path by which your chi may flow gently throughout your home. Furniture arrangement plays a large part in this, so take care the next time you re-arrange your living room! Again, keep pathways winding, and try to break up straight lines. Positioning your couch and chairs at slight angles, towards each other, will enhance the conversation chi in a living room. Straight lines allow chi to zip right through, leaving no positive energy to settle in, and maybe even dragging some out with it!

North-west – trade, fatherhood: Ylang Ylang – Oil comes from the flowers of the ylang ylang tree. Has a flowery and delicate aroma, never overpowering. And is used to calm, relax. It is one of the most exotic aromatic oil, so it should be used in small amounts on its own or when blending with other oils. Ylang-ylang oil is used for antidepressant, antiseptic, and aphrodisiac. Aroma associated with the Water Element in Feng Shui Items for Home.

Our relationships stay better and cleaner, we see financial opportunities, and we have a greater sense of peace when we stay Present. And it’s free. The more we exercise this ability to stay Present feng shui items the better we’re able to do it. We can practice this any time and it will increase our effectiveness at whatever we are doing.

Don’t judge this place by its size, because it otherwise stocks over 600 varieties of Feng shui items. Here you can get celestial animals for Rs. 60-90 each representing North, South, East or West directions. So on placing these animals in the appropriate place, positive energy will flow. They also have almost 200 different kinds of laughing Buddhas and at least 20 varieties of glass towers which help in the education of a child.

Sometimes I meander through our neighborhood “open houses” to satisfy a curiosity about what type of home is selling for what price. These homes all speak to me about their dwellers. In some of the homes, the energy is such that it’s hard to breathe. If realtors were aware of how this energy affects the unconscious of potential buyers, they would clear the home energy first, before putting it on the market.

Some areas of your home have certain ideals; such as a window in your foyer to allow positive chi to circulate. No window? Hang a mirror! With Feng Shui, some “problem areas” can be corrected with the use of tools such as mirrors or crystals. For more information on Feng Shui and placement, which is a cost-free way to boost your chi, check out this site.