Financial Shock Of The Day – This You Must Understand!

In the first article in this series; Gold and Your Money – Insurance for Your Wealth During a Financial Meltdown; Part 1 – Gold as Money or One World Currency? We discussed potential relationships between a financial crisis, gold and its use in those times and the US and world’s governments’ objections to such use and the most likely first choice for them in this situation – a ‘One World’ currency.

If we look at the numbers a little closer, we see the “housing recovery” is being stimulated by Wall Street private equity firms, along with the hedge funds and the Federal Reserve firm support.

And in spite of the Federal Reserve’s pledge to buy $600 billion in assets to revive the economy, we continue to see a net sell-off in Treasuries as 10 year note yields have jumped to 3.35 percent, up from 2.49 percent.

2)The portion of the $1,000 you want to put to work for you is your personal choice. You may not want to give up any of the Lost funds recovery as they represent a lifestyle you want to maintain or you may want to make the full amount productive now which will allow you to spend more in the future. A few private mutual funds allow you to make monthly contributions to your account. It may be as low as $100. Surprisingly, $100 per month will compound relatively quickly.

4)True friendship should never stand in the way of business and investing should be treated like a business. In your review of your existing investments choose the ones that are giving you the best returns and keep them. Your financial planner will appreciate your confidence in his products and will understand your need to move losing funds to something which generates a positive return.

Search the internet for a free USB Data Recovery software product. Install it and use it to recover and restore any lost data that you can get. I would then copy the data to my computer Hard Drive if that is not where you restored to in the first place. One thing to remember is that free software might be just a trial version and expires. If you want to purchase it they usually want you too.

Flip property for thousands by buying from tax delinquent owners after the tax sale. Wait until after the tax sale when they’re about to lose the property forever, then approach the owners of tax property and offer to buy. You can often get properties for less than a thousand dollars this way – sometimes, even as low as $100. The more crafty you’re willing to get, the more successful you’ll be with this. For example, offer to split future proceeds with the owner, and you’ll be able to pick up a lot of deeds for $100.

Above all else, we can certainly pray to the Lord for the rescue of the many people and animals who remain stranded and/or homeless as well as for the sustained recovery effort. Hurricane Katrina was a terrible natural disaster, but as with any event of this magnitude so many hearts have been pricked to help those who have been hurt. Certainly, that can’t be a bad thing.