How Do Billionaires Invest?

This article was inspired by a recent conversation and current reading. As a prelude, it’s worth mentioning that I have high regard for billionaires. Allow me to explain. My fascination extends toward the minds of billionaires, more than their wealth – particularly self made billionaires. Imagine for a moment how one must think in order to reach the level of wealth and power they hold? It is for this reason there are only 946 billionaires in the world today with a combined wealth of $3.5 trillion. That is a staggering number to say the least.

“Generate Insane Profits on Auto-Pilot & Become an Instant Millionaire While You Sleep!” If you’ve conducted any online research looking for home business opportunities, you’ve likely found yourself on dozens of web sites screaming outrageous promises to you of overnight riches and millionaire status. How come?

There have to be some very good reasons why the Kochs would greatly prefer Romney to Obama and they probably involve pipeline leases and non-negotiable credit-swap carried interest deferment securities. I don’t know precisely. Or even generally. But if Richest people in the world are desperate to elect Romney, then I want the other guy.

So, I asked myself that question again, is it possible, within reason that someone can become a billionaire? The facts and all my hard work had convinced me. I can irrevocably assert that it is most certainly achievable. To the doubters, then tell me why does Forbes list 1,062 billionaires for the year 2008? Also, the number of billionaires has been rising at a faster rate this 21st century. There were 946 billionaires according to Forbes in 2007.

The trend that is taking off by storm in the 21 st Century is on line education apart from the Wellness Industry. Forget million dollar thinking we are Youngest Billionaires talking billion dollar thinking.

Trust worthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent, plus a scout does a good deed daily. I have said those words to myself since I was 11 years old. You see I chose my reality; I don’t let others convince me of what’s right, wrong or what I should do with my life.

The best way to live this is to integrate each one of the above slowly. Start with the first one and work your way down. Read it and think about how you can integrate it into your life every time you get in and out of bed, write the key concept on your hand…you will then be setting up the framework for your future successes.