Is Your Dog Food Safe?

Having dogs around the house can really liven things up. Hearing your lovable pet dog bark and play around with you or your kids is surely a joy for any homeowner. But like other pets, having a dog inside the home can sometimes be messy.

Choose premium foods over economy in case you are purchasing your dog food: Premium foods might be more expensive, but they are more nutritious than economy. You might spend more in the long run, but your pet will benefit all the same. The high cost will reflect on your dog’s health and growth. If however you cannot afford the best for your dog in view of your tight budget, use the ingredients label technique to know what is best for your dog.

During Andrew Lewis’s 7 year research he has developed the confidential Dog food report. It will tell you the 9 very best Pet food processing line brands in North America. Research shows dogs should be fed a combination of fresh and dried foods.The fresh food that is fed in the home is usually much healthier than the processed food that comes off of the shelf. Fresh foods that are fed at home can include meats such as poultry and beef, or even eggs. Foods such as cranberries and blueberries sweet potatoes or yams are also beneficial to a dog’s diet.

When you buy the dog food from the store do you check what is in it as many people don’t often it is taken for granted that dog food is good for your dog. If you were to read the labels, you would see that your dog is being fed many things that are bad for them. Dogs need a certain amount of proteins and vitamins a day and these types of Pet food extruder will not be providing these. Homemade dog food will ensure that your dog is getting exactly what they need. They are simple to make and very cost effective, you can make a large batch up and then chill or freeze it.

This is one of the basics that the concerned dog owner should realize, think nutrition not looks. Who cares if it looks fabulous, if it does not provide the nutrition that your dog needs. Your dog will not care what the food looks like, they will eat anything you put in front of them, as long as it smells like food.

Your dog’s overall condition plays a role in the type of food they should be given. All dog body types have different needs, whether they are fat, skinny or just right. A dog that gets a lot of exercise will have different needs from their food than a dog that is sedentary.

Check online to see what is available. Overnight shipping can save a trip to the store. Shopping for pet food online gives you an easy way to view ingredients and be able to check out competitive pricing. Also make sure you are buying the right type of food based on age and weight. Sure buying premium food for your dog costs a bit extra but how can it not be worth it?