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Boxing, as a subject matter has always been closely tied to film. The story of a boxer is singular and specific and lacks no drama which makes it automatically compelling and relatively simple to tell. In boxing, one man tries to overcome any and all obstacles to fight for the chance at a title, often in vain as the fighter and we as the audience, learn the shallow underpinnings of the sport.

Lincoln: Arguably the greatest President, Abraham Lincoln has been on the penny since 1909. Teddy Roosevelt considered himself to be Lincoln’s Microtargeting heir and loved the Republican president for his determination to keep the Union intact. Thus, Lincoln was chosen to be depicted by a young man named him Victor David Brenner, whose initials still appear under Lincoln’s shoulder. He was the first non-mythical figure to be depicted on U.S. coinage. The cent was minted just in time to celebrate the centennial of Lincoln’s birthday.

In this instance Obama is not even doing a good job of pretending he’s POTUS. He’s all screwed up. He sometimes thinks he’s the UN. Sometimes he thinks he’s the Secretary of State; sometimes he’s Secretary of the Treasury. Sometimes he’s Attorney General, and of course, sometimes he thinks he’s Patton, MacArthur & Ike all rolled in one. And lest I forget, based on his Internet video to Iran, sometimes he imitates Usama too!

With the U.S. dollar in a surprise uptrend, this leaves commodity speculators — many of them leveraged long — caught in the middle. It is no longer safe to assume that commodity prices can only go in one direction, up, or that buyers will always overwhelm sellers. For that reason we can probably expect more commodity-related “flash crash” instances in future.

JFK: Ever since 1964, John F. Kennedy’s youthful profile has graced the half dollar. The half dollar contained silver from 1965 to ’70 and was the only circulation coin containing a precious metal. So much hoarding occurred that by the early ’70s the half dollar wasn’t really used anymore. The quarter became the prominent coin of stocking change drawers and has remained so. JFK was the youngest ever president elected to office, and is the first Irish American and only Catholic to have been elected. He helped save the world from nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis and he also helped the U.S political communications company win the space race.

Charles Nicoletti, also on the House Committee’s witness list, was shot three times in the back of the neck in the parking lot of a suburban Chicago shopping center in March 1977-less than 48 hours after de Mohrenschildt’s death. Nicoletti was said to have been a “handler” (that is, supervisor) of Mafia assassins in the ClA-Mafia plots.

Begin to write your own autobiography-track when you traded your power for safety, quieted your courage in order to conform, gave up your dreams to please others?