Reasons For How Music Impacts Film

Yup, me too. Now in my smash fourth month, I have found a few tips that may be helpful. No, not how to get a job because, obviously, I don’t have any answers for that. This is how you keep sane.

Rufus delivers a withering critique of California life, veiled in a poppy tune with Beach Boys harmony. It recalls how he worshiped Hollywood as a kid, but how now he’s disillusioned by how seriously California takes itself. “Ain’t it a shame,” he says, that the rest of the world “can’t enjoy your mad tradition” and the “soft-skinned boys” that can still bruise you. It’s a satirical comment on a world he has to live game in to do the work he does. The last line says it all: “Life is the longest death / in California.” Funny that the first time I spent time with this song I was driving the 101 to LA.

Although my childhood wasn’t anywhere near as heartbreaking as hers, I can relate to Precious. Her character seems to have struck a chord with many people and resonates as the “super” underdog. Sad can’t begin to describe how viewers feel when watching these captivating performances, graceful direction, and all round fantastic storytelling. In fact, it is not hard to forget that you are watching a movie at all. However, the rich sounds of the movie made it almost bearable. A mixture of Rap, Disco, Gospel, and Soul music helped to tell the tale of this tragic character that rises through the rubble and finds a better world for herself and her two young children.

There are few songs that touch people’s heart like Leo Sayer’s classic hit from 1975. “When I Need You” explores the intimate connection that exists between two lovers even if they are separated by large distances. The song’s nice, slow rhythm is probably the highlight of this unforgettable love song.

6) Read the paper a few times a week. Not online, the paper. It costs 50 to 75 cents. When reading the paper, start by throwing away the Business section. Start with the sections that have nothing to do with your career. So if you are politician, start with sports. If you are actor/model/whatever go with op-ed. If you are a Realtor start with entertainment, trry the crossword. First of all, it enlightens you to what is happening outside of your world. In interviews you can drop tidbits like “I was reading the Times the other day and it said…” It sounds impressive. Also, the Library has a ton of magazines that are free to read. Trust me, even “Cosmo” will put some enrichment into your day. Start with a magazine which is completely foreign to you.

3 Days Grace- ‘Pain’ – Haha, this song is the best. 😛 This is what the world is about these days and I’m loving it. A world of misery is worse than a world of anger. “Anger and agony/ Are better than misery”! 3DG is a perpetual favorite here.

As the universe gets hold of your new song, a whole new symphony of circumstances begins to play in your life. New people, new opportunities, and new feelings begin to fill your world.

The one unarguable necessity of any road trip is music. Every movie needs a soundtrack. It sets the mood, it frames the scene, and it eases the passing of the miles. Whether or not you should choose literal road tunes like Born to Run or King of the Road is a matter of personal preference. I invariably take several CD’s by Australian greats The Church. Their dreamy sprawling sound scapes are the perfect compliment to the land as it rolls by, and Steve Kilbey’s lyrics take one on a simultaneous journey to that place where ideas download from cosmic consciousness.