Relationship Rescue: He/She Drives Me Crazy!

Are you worried that it might be the end of your marriage? Many people are, and have turned to anyone who can offer help. Many turn to marriage counseling services, and get taken for thousands of dollars, only to still lose the love of their lives! I’m here to offer you free tips to save your marriage, look below for the tips!

Lean on others. Whether you are facing the tough work of couples counselling singapore and rebuilding your marriage, or looking toward your life without your partner, talk to friends and family and let them help you through it. Chances are, many of them have been through something similar and they can give you good advice and support. You can also use online forums to talk to people all over the world who have faced a similar situation.

I mean millions of people in the U.S. alone pay therapists tens of thousands a year just to do what they could do with the Magic of Making Up. If you knew how many people across the globe are doing this, you’d be blown away. Many of us get divorced everyday and we break up with our partners everyday.

So one of the main lessons is to own our own feelings. It takes a bit of practice but it’s worth it and very powerful. It then takes away the need for someone to be right and someone to be wrong.

Either way, I believe that it is an ideal opportunity to reflect on your relationship and work on improving it. All too often, couples who have been in long term relationships can begin to take their partners and their relationships for granted. Using Valentine’s Day to boost gratitude in relationships will go a long way to ensuring their longevity.

Family and friends, although not intentionally, choose sides. If you are the one seeking advice, they will try to help you by suggesting things that would benefit you – not both of you. The same goes for friends – they don’t want to make things worse for either of you, but they offer advice that will benefit one of you more than the other.

A marriage can have a lot of problems that you may need counselling to help with. Of course the more common ones will be helped with relationship counselling. Before you do anything drastic you definitely should go for counselling.