Stop Sweaty Hands – Your Tested Proven Effective Sweaty Hands Cure

If you are wondering how to get rid of sweaty palms then you’ve came to the right place. See, I’ve had to live with sweaty palms for more then 20 years and I’ve finally found a cure that actually worked and cured my sweaty palms in just 5 days. But before telling you about this cure I’d like to introduce you to top 3 cures.

I found a treatment called iontophoresis which is fast easy and safe, but it’s definitely not cheap. It is a treatment where you put your feet in the water and a device that is connected to the water starts sending small electrical current through your feet making them stop sweating really fast.

Botox injections: These will help prevent sweat substantially. But this treatment will provide you with relief for about 6 months only. You will need to get repeat injections after that. There is a major problem associated with this treatment. There are a number of people who have felt that their hand muscles have weakened for some weeks after the treatment. That is why; specialists are not in favor of this treatment.

The next process is surgery called ETS. ETS is Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy surgery. In this surgery sympathetic nerves producing excessive sweat are removed from the body. This is costly process and is not available easily when needed. Before going with surgery get complete study about effects and defects of this surgery.

Surgery – I won’t go into this area as it is not that common these days. It is possible to surgically remove sweat ducts to cure excessive sweating, but it should be a last resort.

I always thought that surgery was my only option and some of the horror stories had made me take it out of consideration. I then started trying some of the methods out there. I tried Drysol that had some good reviews out there. When it works it is suppose to work in less than a week and it has a good success rate in cases where there is a mild sweating issue. This where I found out that I was not a mild case, but many do see results so it is worth a look.

Another option is anticholinergic medicines, like Robinul, which can calm your sweat glands down. Keep in mind that these medications haven’t been thoroughly researched and they can cause side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, and trouble urinating. Some beta-blockers can help with situational sweating as well.

In learning how to stop hyperhidrosis these remedies should give you some much needed help. There are also some other natural ways of eliminating the problem that you can find out about below. Don’t let this issue continue to control your life. It is treatable.