The 100 Point Wine Rating System And Why I Hate It

Unlike normal afflictions such as diabetes, there is no test either for alcoholism or for a predisposition to it. Unfortunately, abnormal behavior and bad results such as physical deterioration, financial hardship, broken relationships and entanglements with the law often happen before it is clear that someone has the disease.

The final meal was a grilled chicken breast that had been marinated in a slightly spicy Thai barbecue sauce and then lightly covered in more of the sauce. I was hoping that the sweetness of the sauce would complement the sweetness of the wine. It didn’t. The wine actually presented itself better with green beans in a crushed tomato sauce that also had notes of sweetness.

We noted the Alto wines are widely available around the area, but you really should stop here if you’re in this neck of the woods. There’s a relaxed, peaceful vibe and it’s a great place to spend an hour or two. The gift shop is stocked with unique specialty foods and you can relax on the grounds with a glass of Alto wine for only $3.

The vente de grand crus en ligne wine reviewed comes from Rueda in northwestern Spain not far from Portugal. The famous Duero River flows by. I’m going to guess that in our price range the vineyards won’t be fronting on this river. By the way, even though it’s Spain the winters are cold.

With a Swiss cheese this Petite Sirah was not very flavorful but did taste a bit of oak. When paired with whipped cream cheese, it picked up and tasted of dark cherries. I added some smoked salmon and the wine continued to pick up.

My final meal was composed of an omelet peppered with ground chilies. The wine was fruity and long; I couldn’t help but think about a terrace somewhere in Catalonia. The accompanying avocado perked up the wine’s acidity. The humus (ground chickpeas plus) muted the wine.

Disclaimer: Just because we like or dislike a wine does not mean that you will have the same experience. Of course it’s always worth a try…tell us what you think??

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