The Food Network’s Bobby Flay

Chicago is a large city full of great activities. Here is my list of ten things you have to do when visiting Chicago. They are perfect for locals or tourists alike.

Save your receipts. Ideally, it should be all of them. And it tends to work best right then and there at the point of sale. If it’s a cash transaction with no receipt, like a yard sale, write it down on a scrap of paper.

Texas- The corn dog was invented in 1942 in Texas and has been popular ever since. Because of the corn dog, mostly everything in Texas is now deep-fried. The hot dog is deep-fried and wrapped in a corn flour matter. There are 19 grams of fat in each corn dog.

The sign is in front of a door, so you walk through. You see some stairs. Halfway up the stairs the smell gets weaker and weaker. But at the top, you see a sign that says “ Sandwiches.” Even though you can’t smell that delicious smell anymore, you’re in for a penny, in for a pound. You open the door to find…

Tennessee- Ruby Tuesday’s was discovered in 1972. It is now chained in almost 900 locations in America. Tennessee is known for their Triple Prime Bacon Chedder burger from Ruby Tuesday’s. There is 8 ounce of beef in between the buns, along with cheddar, smoked bacon, tomato, and lettuce. There is 115 grams of fat in this yummy burger!

The State Fair in Oklahoma is a great way to spend a little extra time with friends and family. The State Fair has many things to offer each and every person who attends. Now it’s Time for exceptional food and an incredible atmosphere, make your way down to the Fair for a day sure to be enjoyed.

New York- The Empire state is home to many things, but they are best known for their Garbage Plate. The feast is filled with sauce, mustard, meat, onions, beans and potatoes. This plate was originated in 1918. Not including the ingredients I have just given you, believe it or not, there is more! There is also fries, macaroni, and chicken tenders. All of this amounts to 3 pounds of food! The grams of fat for this dish range between 93-203 grams of fat.

If it doesn’t, your customers are going to feel like they’ve been tricked into walking up some scary staircase that doesn’t smell anything like they thought your product did.