Tippecanoe County News March 1863 Part Ii

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The two young reporters for the Washington Post were idealistic digging journalist in the classic mode who believed a fair and vigorous press was our only hope. Can a Democracy survive without one? Probably. Will we be better for it? No. If we cannot produce another Woodward and Bernstein out of the till of new media then certainly we will not be able to uncover corruption at the highest levels. If journalism is an art form and a craft then we better figure a way to preserver the ragged remains of our news papers even as they turn into online lakers rumors content. It is not the method of delivery we are talking about but the means in the way that news will be gathered.

I love remembering the Gold Miner story I heard as a kid growing up in Australia. The story is of a gold-miner who, after having persisted for many, many months in the hot sun looking for gold finally gave up and the very next day, another man staked out his claim and found the gold vein…and of course, made millions.

The Pit Bull online news was so popular in the early s they were our mascot not only in World War One but World War Two as well. They were featured on recruiting and propoganda posters during this time period.

The people leading tonight’s talk and others in the group who had read the books, took the information as gospel! They spoke as if the words in the books were absolute indisputable fact!

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