Today’s Real Estate Market – How To Get Your Home Sold!

As a home inspector I climb on roofs quite often. As part of the whole house inspection I inspect the roof from the exterior and from within the attic. There are certain issues that are commonly found during my inspection of roofs.

Does the candidate do Dunkle Home Inspections as a full time career and does he or she have any certifications for inspecting hazardous materials? If they are not full time. Move on.

Being “house poor” is a very uncomfortable existence. A large and beautiful home with little or no furniture tends to be empty and cold. A life where almost every dime of your earnings goes to the support of your house wears thin very quickly and is a frequent cause of family stress. Pushing yourself right up to–or beyond–your limits leaves you highly exposed when the inevitable changes to the national or your personal economy occur. Leave yourself some breathing room! Buy a home that’s way out of your price range and you could well derail your ability to fund other important items such as retirement savings, your kids’ education — not to mention an entertainment budget.

Home Inspections: Make certain you home AC/heater, water heater, gas stoves, and fireplaces are all clean and operating properly. Replace appropriate filters, check and clean chimneys and flues. Improper ventilation and incomplete combustion send toxic gases leaking into your home. Call for a professional inspection from a trusted source.

The good factor concerning the account we received from Citadel is that we will make use of it for numerous yrs. – generating little repairs and watching definite trouble areas. It is additionally could give us an amount variety for repairs so we will inform if a craftsman is charging us too much.

I work at home. I’ve been a real estate appraiser for almost twenty years, and although my lack of professional office space and a sign on the street probably costs me some business, I think the trade-off is justified. My business can’t expand; I can’t take on employees, or open a branch office, but I figure I can become a real estate tycoon after the kids are in college. You don’t have to sell real estate (although that’s a good one)…you can bake cakes, sell on Ebay, or do consulting.

Ideally, the slope of the house should be away from the house. If you are considering the purchase of a townhouse or condo, find out if the building(s) have been rain screened and when this took place. A properly rain screened building can save you money down the road.

Stimulating the real estate industry is possible. I do not feel this has anything to do with democrats or republicans. A clean energy economy reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Energy efficiency concepts will create jobs. This is not new to other countries, and we need an economic stimulation NOW. So I will ask again, can green education transform the real estate industry? What do you think?