Top 10 Health Benefits Of Massage

The massage can be one of the most pleasurable experiences one can go through. The benefits of a massage come in many forms. It is enjoyable because it helps you feel more wonderful as each muscle is worked and each joint is stretched. The massage is a great way to relax and it is also good way to heal your aches and pain.

Which style works for you and your body? For example, if you study a very rigid style which relies on a lot of thumb pressure work, but your thumbs cannot handle it, then this is not the best choice for you. You will do better with a softer style. Or if you study a style which uses a lot of difficult stretches, but you are 5 foot tall, then this might be difficult for you. So make sure that you study a style that works for your body.

Now that you are ready, the most important tool before beginning is – “Intention”. Hopefully you have heard it before because it is one of the most important aspects of your practice. The intent to focus love through the heart and into the hands is a powerful meditation tool that is a great way to start. Feel the energy as you breathe into your heart the love and connection to the person you are offering your healing energies too. Remember that energy goes where attention goes – be positive. Affirm to yourself loving intentions toward your client and feel the heart energy literally buzzing through your hands.

As a rule of thumb, I like the acronym “PALM” – P for personal history, A for allergies & skin conditions, L for Lifestyle factors and M for Medical history. This gives the practitioner a holistic window to view the client when forming the best 분당출장안마 approach.

There is something about getting a massage that gives you an inner peace and carries you away from all the little stresses of life. If you are especially stressed out, a massage is a great mind calmer.

Also, you need to consider buying a chair that allows you to save massage sequences. This is very useful especially if you like specific massage strokes or sequences and you’re sharing it with other people as this will eliminate the hassle of reprogramming your massage sequence each time you use the chair.

When massaging, work toward the heart. Veins take the blood toward the heart & the arteries away. Massage helps to stimulate lymphatic flow & assist the elimination of waste products. Massage can also help many ailments; ranging from stress right through to increasing haemoglobin levels. A range of systems are said to be activated simply through the art of touch, which in turn can have a sedative & healing effect on the overall health & well-being of the client. Massage has been said to be found in all cultures and may possibly be the oldest form of healthcare.

The bottom line is that a great massage starts with great communication. This is even more important when you live with chronic pain. Be sure your therapist is open to requests, and remember that you are the most important person in that treatment room. Your therapist really does want you to be clear about what you need, so never be worried about asking.