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In today’s economy, who doesn’t appreciate a bargain, especially a good quality, gently used one or two or three? Boomerang baby, a baby and kids resale shop located at 10875 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard has brought just that to Scottsdale! When you walk into the brightly furnished store, you are welcomed by a very friendly store owner named Pamme Salter. The decorations much like Pamme, are cheery, the store is absolutely spotless and much to everyone’s benefit, owner and customers alike, the store is quite full!

Remember all the dust that collected on your computer? Its cousins live on the leading edge of your ceiling fan blades. Depending on the height of the ceiling fan, you can either use a step ladder or a brush with an extension handle to brush down the fan blades. If they’re relatively low, you might even want to spray on a household cleaner and give top and bottom surfaces a quick wipe with a dust cloth.

How much are we talking about? That depends on a lot of factors. I can talk about what would be normal for my area. I live in a medium-size town in the mid-west. The typical preschool is 2 1/2 hours per day. You could have a morning class from 9:00-11:30 and an afternoon class from 12:30-3:00. You could have 8 children in each class for a total of 16 children per day. You could charge $15 per day, five days per week which would make $75 per week per child. This is $300 per child per month. If you have 16 children paying $300 per month, you will be making $4,800 per month.

Zoe has teamed with the high end LA Dallas resale shop Decades Two to cast off some of her luxe goods and 50% of the proceeds will go the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Among the items? Tons of Rachel Zoe for Judith Leiber handbags and gorgeous chunky jewelry, all sporting prime drama – just like Rachel’s style.

Jeans and capris go for around $14.00-$18.00. I saw beautiful pointed toe slides for $16.00 by BCBG. The only thing that kept me from buying these gorgeous shoes was the “I have nothing Two pf the pants were by Miss Me, one by Lulumari and one by Deep Los Angeles.My daughter found 3 pairs of pants and a wonderful jog suit. If you have a teen ager and live in the area this is the place to take her.

Idea #7: Discover new ways of making money. You can either go a traditional route of finding another job delivering pizza, doing manual labor, or another hourly job, or you can learn to make money online. There are lots of ways to make money online. Research the online opportunities. Find a free opportunity before buying into the online business. Online businesses are slow to make a profit so start now and then if you find yourself needing money it will be building up the whole time.

It’s true that one person’s “garbage” may be another person’s “gold”. There may be big profits in your garage, closet or attic, and consignment shops are more than willing to help you strike pay dirt.