Wilton New Porsche Dealer Anticipates New 911 Model

Your car is more than just a comfortable ride – it’s also an expression of your personality. Accessories can help you turn your vehicle into a moving symbol of your grooviness. Of course, the wrong accessories can turn even a new or used Porsche into a monstrosity. Read on for our list of the five worst and best ways to accessorize a sports car.

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The cruise control is one of the best and safest systems I’ve tested. It will monitor the speed of the vehicle in front of you and keep you going at the same speed whether they slow down or speed up. It really works well and can definitely keep you out of trouble.

The Rolex 24 At Daytona, the kick-off event to Budweiser Speedweeks 2013, showcases the world’s best drivers competing against each other lap after lap for 24 hours on Daytona International Speedway’s challenging and demanding 3.56-mile road course.

I drove the G with the top down with temperatures in the high 40’s and I was very comfortable. With the windows and heat up, and the bun warmers on I was very comfortable. Even on brisk days there’s nothing like driving with the top down!

But accelerating isn’t just where the 8C excels, it also brakes well. From 60, it will stop to 0 in 100 feet or a third of the length of a football field. The interior of the Alfa is the same as the Maserati, because the latter based it on the former.

There are a lot of things that annoy me in life, and it’s very easy to get angry about them. I’ve also noticed that there is a certain type of person who seems to know EXACTLY what to say to make me absolutely furious in a really short space of time. Add such a person to an already irritating day and I can go from calm to fuming in less than a minute! What I always try to remember, though, is that these feelings are damaging to both my health and happiness. And if I make the mistake of letting them affect my physical actions I will only harm myself.

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